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Sync24 – Omnious
Release on all digital platforms : 24 September 2018
Vinyl : TBA (crowdfund via Diggers Factory)
CD: Nope

Track list:
1. A deep sea meditation experience ( 6:42)
2. The morning before it all happened ( 6:32)
3. Bunnies on shrooms ( 5:22)
4. The tale of the lonely apothecary ( 6:33)
5. Coffee break in orbit ( 5:24)
6. Lungs full of clean air ( 5:57)
7. That boring autumn day ( 5:25)
8. Wise whispers in the wind ( 6:37)

Cover art: Moa Wallin’s Art
Digital and Vinyl mastering: Robert Elster aka Vibrasphere

Short story long:
Almost exactly a year ago my employer Hoy Multimedia had a rough year and had to let some employees go, myself included. My first reaction was to search for another job, but after doing some calculations I figured I could survive on my music and some freelance work. So, for the first time in my life I could write music as much as I wanted. So my first project was two sync24 albums, one chill and one uptempo.

So here it is, the first one. Me, doing what I want, the way I want it. Totally independent.

But there were two things I couldn’t do myself.

One was cover art, because I didn’t want to do the old stock photo thing again. After scanning the interwebs a while I found the incredible talented Moa Wallin’s Art. I really adore here style and imagination! I pitched an idea and left it all to her to design. I don’t know about you but I just love it 🙂

The second was mastering, but that was an easy one because I have already worked with Robert Elster and he once again did an incredible job!

Oh and I will try Diggers Factory for a limited vinyl release, just digging into it so more on that later.

If you’ve read this far, thank you!

Love and Light

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