Not much time has passed since our dear friend Driss’ passing and we have lost another true legend of the psychedelic scene. Dennis aka Hux Flux left us forever and joint the rest of the angels up there! A loving father, Dennis dedicated his life to his kids, who are now left with out a dad. Our community is so special in many ways and so we at Terraform Bookings are certain that we will come together once again to show unity and love to those close to the our psy family.
Please show your support and do what you can to help these kids out! Thank you!

Click here to support Support the kids of Dennis Hux Flux organized by Mike A

Dennis Tapper aka Hux Flux & Illuminus was a warm-hearted, talented and one-of-a-kind person. He was truly one of the legends of the trance scene but mainly a loving father of seven children who now face the future without the love and support from their dad. Since Dennis did not have any life i…

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